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MHM Services install commercial heating systems across West Yorkshire and the Pennines. We have vast experience of installing heating, which includes solutions for Schools, Nursing Homes, Office buildings, Residential apartment buildings (HMO), Retail outlets, Fast-food outlets & Restaurants, Large private residences, Places of worship and Food manufacturing plants.

Our services encompass with a variety of heating systems and their peripherals including multiple boiler installations, system boilers (gas, oil, LPG, wood etc), valve and pump arrangements, shunt pump arrangements, warm air heating systems (air handling unit heater batteries etc.), hot water systems (hot water cylinders, multiple cylinder configurations etc.), heating controls (sensors, control panels, three port valves etc.), zoned systems (for heating and hot water) and much more.

In addition to heating installations, we provide a maintenance, diagnostic and repair service. We recognise that heating system failure can be a major inconvenience or even an emergency; we therefore have engineers on call 24/7 ready to take your commercial heating call and solve your problem.

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Warm Air Heating Systems

Warm Air Heating is a modern replacement for traditional water heating systems within commercial premises. Warm Air Heaters force air around the building. They are used specifically in commercial properties and public spaces to improve efficiency. This means that the additional installation cost can save money in the long run.

How Does Warm Air Heating Work?

Warm Air Heating works by pulling cold air from the building and pushing the air across the heat exchanger. The cold air is heated via the fan and re-distributed back into the environment until an ambient temperature is achieved. There is a wide variety of fuels to choose from such as Natural Gas, LPG, Oil and Biofuels. They are available in a range of systems including suspended and floor standing. This makes them an extremely versatile choice for industrial and commercial premises. The Combat Compact range is ideal for buildings that require less heating. This applies particularly when space is at a minimum, allowing the user to utilise the small amount of space available. Comparatively, for energy efficiency, you may want to consider the Combat ECO Condensing Unit Heaters. These heaters are the smallest condensing heaters on the market at present. Also Available from Combat is a variety of energy efficient accessories such as the NRG controller. The NRG Controller which is self-optimising, meaning that your premises will be warm when required. Another thing to consider is the energy saving de-stratification fans. These fans prevent heat loss through the roof, by redirecting the warm air back down to working level where required.

Wet Heating Systems

Some commercial building may not suite warm air heating, particularly if they have one large open space with high ceilings and little insulation. In such cases, wet heating systems may be more cost effective and economical to run.

Wet heating systems operate in a similar manner to most domestic heating systems. Water is heated via a boiler and pumped through a sealed radiator system to heat rooms.

Radiant Heating Systems

Radiant heating has traditionally been installed in industrial and commercial buildings, especially where there are large open areas or in areas where there are heavily ventilated spaces. It is an ideal solution for certain factory heating applications.

With the development of new products, radiant heating has become competitive within industrial and commercial buildings providing clients with energy efficient and cost effective industrial heating solutions and is a proven heating solution for a wide range of industrial and commercial premises.

Its application is universal including environments with high air change, frequently opened doors, or where there is a need for zonal heating in very large premises.

Radiant Heating - How it works

Radiant heating works in the same way as the sun. The sun’s heat energy radiates through space eventually hitting Earth and warms its surface. This warmed surface heats up and raises the air temperature.

Radiant heat warms all solid objects and surfaces in its path through electromagnetic waves. Being mounted overhead, radiant heaters produce infrared heat that is directed downwards to low level by a reflector.

Infrared energy passes inertly through the air, dissipating as heat upon contact with people and surfaces thus creating a comfortable, all-round radiant warmth at lower air temperature.

Radiant Heating - The benefits

Installing a radiant heating system in the correct environment reduces wasteful heating of empty space and makes substantial energy savings over conventional boiler and air systems.

It is the ideal form of heating if a client is looking to heat a small part of a large space, or to heat an area with much ventilation. A radiant heater does not waste energy heating the atmosphere as a warm air heater would do.

  • Reduced running costs
  • Even heat coverage at low level
  • Does not directly heat the air – ideal in areas of high air infiltration
  • Minimises roof heat losses
  • Heating systems can be controlled easily to provide varying zoned temperatures and operating times
  • Rapid heat up and recovery times
  • Easy to install, maintain and operate

Radiant Heating - Applications

If the majority of a building does not need heating, radiant heating could provide the ideal heating solution. Suitable applications include:

  • Aircraft hangars
  • Automotive workshops and showrooms
  • Factories
  • Warehouses
  • Retail outlets
  • Sports arenas and halls
  • Workshops


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